We concentrate on repairing degraded streams and shorelines to reduce pollution, erosion, and increase wildlife habitat. We believe if you fix the streams and shores, you will fix the river. Hence "Saving the Severn, One Creek at a Time."

This focus has led us to do several projects around Saltworks and Clements creeks to concentrate our impact on an area to make it as healthy as possible. This creates the best chance for wildlife to reenter this habitat. Also, it allows a model for the government agencies and funding sources see the benefits of our methods.  We are now expanding our reach to the entire Severn river,

The process of building major restoration projects is a lengthy one. It often takes years to get funding and permits to construct a project. The bigger it is, the harder it is to get everything together. For our Cabin Branch stream restoration, it was a three-year process. Smaller projects are much easier—they can be done in about a year.

If  you notice a rapidly degrading stream or shoreline, please contact us. We will be happy to try to work out a solution.

Cabin Branch Stream Restoration

Cabin Branch is the headwaters of Saltworks Creek, located in Annapolis. Cabin Branch starts at the corner of Bestgate Road and Generals Highway. The purpose of the project is to restore an unhealthy and eroded stream which receives all the piped runoff from the surrounding parking lots and roads. With the original headwater wetlands now paved over in the Sam's Club parking lot, this stream system no longer has an ability to absorb heavy rainfall.  Rainwater flashes through the system, carrying sediment and trash and litter  from the Annapolis Mall parking lots. The resulting erosion destroys stream habitat (like fish hatcheries). All that dirt flows downstream and shows up in our marinas and ultimately, the Severn.  With that untreated water and dirt comes excess nitrogen and phosphorus that causes dead zones and kills aquatic life.

The flash flooding created by the poor stormwater management of the surrounding parking lots and buildings have degraded this stream. This branch collects the water from half of Annapolis mall, along with surrounding business parking lots.

To restore Cabin Branch we are restoring the hydrology and ecosystem by once again raising the stream to connect with the floodplain and installing a series of shallow pools and waterfalls to slow down the water and spread it out. This will allow for sediment to settle out, and the water to infiltrate and recharge the groundwater. This will also cool down the water during the summer to prevent traumatic increases in downstream temperatures, which are detrimental to aquatic life, like fish.

Click here to find out more about the Cabin Branch Restoration Project.

  • Cost: $950,000

  • Design: Completed

  • Funding: Acquired

  • Permits: Acquired

  • Construction: Completed March 2013

  • Contractor: Underwood & Associates