Thanks to Rick and Elizabeth Rosborg, Vick and Sharon Kelly and Brendan and Lila Sullivan for their $1,000 donation and renewal of their Severn 1000 Membership. The Severn 1000 are the backbone of our Severn River Restoration Program.


Thanks to the boys and girls of the Sherwood Forest Summer Camp and Billy Moulden for the $6,250 donation to stop pollution in the Severn from their 5K run. Kids care!


Legal Action to Save a Living Shoreline!

On September 30th we filed an appeal in Circuit Court against the Maryland Department of the Environment for denying the Pines Community a permit to replace a bulkhead with a living shoreline in Chase Creek.

MDE's denial of the living shoreline permit ignores the science, undercuts citizen efforts to improve water quality, and violates the Living Shoreline Protection Act of 2008.

Bureaucratic delays and denials have become a major impediment to restoration efforts. We will continue to challenge MDE, EPA, and the Corps of Engineers to follow their own mandates and issue the permits necessary to help us protect and restore our waterways.

The people of Anne Arundel County are in the process of creating a stormwater fund that will finally enable our Department of Public Works to stop the stormwater runoff that has been killing marine life and making swimming unsafe for decades.  

DPW will need permits from the very same agencies as did the citizens of the Pines. We intend to do all that we can to encourage these agencies to help us restore the Severn and the Bay, so that our families and children can once again feel safe swimming, fishing, and boating in our county waterways.    

Don't hesitate to help support us in this effort.


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The Severn Riverkeeper Program is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring Maryland's Capital River, the Severn River, for our families and future generations. Our goal is to stop pollution and have a healthy, swimmable river for everyone to enjoy through water quality monitoring, restorationeducation, and advocacy.