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GreenGive 2019

This year, GreenGive (24 hour fundraiser) Kickoff Party was hosted at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. GreenGive is a collaborative party with nine other environmental restoration/educational orgs that we admire. It was a wonderful turnout and we thank everyone for the charitable donations.

The Restoration of Muddy Creek

This video shows a significant stream restoration at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) campus off the Rhode River. It highlights the construction methods and the science driving these restorations.


We are pleased to announce the beginning of a major restoration program for the headwaters of the Severn. Given that most life in the river is spawned and nurtured in the headwaters, this is the most critical area to protect. The opportunity for survival of the restored oyster reefs will be significantly improved by stopping the pollution at the headwaters. The stormwater runoff from I97 and Route 32 have been polluting this area for years, and it will only get worse with global warming. Note that we just received the most rain in any July on record, and these 15 inches in one month could become the norm. We have completed the engineering work for the first phase, and the construction funds have been promised. However, we need your support for operating expenses. Please help us restore the Severn. If not now, when?

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The Severn Riverkeeper Program is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring Maryland's Capital River, the Severn River, for our families and future generations. Our goal is to stop pollution and have a healthy, swimmable river for everyone to enjoy through water quality monitoring, restorationeducation, and advocacy.