Construction of Cabin Branch Stream Restoration Underway

Great News! We have started our restoration of Cabin Branch. We are finally stopping the flow of toxic stormwater from the Annapolis Mall. It has been killing marine life and making swimming unsafe in Saltworks Creek and the Severn for the past two decades.

          Come join us on a tour. Our members who have visited the restoration site are excited to see where their donations are at work actually stopping pollution and making the Severn safer for marine life and our children.

          The Cabin Branch Stream Restoration Project is a major breakthrough in waterway protection. The bureaucratic barriers that we had to overcome during the past four years will ease the way for all future projects. This $900,000 stream restoration project utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology and is a prototype that can be duplicated throughout the Bay watershed.

          Thanks to your support, we have raised over $3 Million for construction of restoration projects, built 3 projects in 4 years, and have many more on the drawing board. This is a true beginning to protecting the Severn for our children and grandchildren.

          Although we have raised over $3 Million in construction funds,your support is critical. We cannot use these funds for operating expenses. Every one of your donations is helpful. If you would like to see your support at work stopping pollution, contact Fred or Sarah for a tour.



Tour a Green Home and help us too!


Baldwin Homes has gone above and beyond house building - they have created a gorgeous home that is so efficient on its own that using geothermal technology actually makes it more energy. What's more, it has several features that makes it highly water efficient, and has used several materials from Second Chance to make as little energy and resource impact as possible.

Here's how you can help - go tour this beautiful house (even if it's just to see the "green" of the house) and let them know that the Severn Riverkeeper program has sent you- the $20 you pay to tour this astonishing house will then be donated to the Severn Riverkeeper Program!